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[70 x 30] Razer Gaming Mouse Pad

[70 x 30] Razer Gaming Mouse Pad [70 x 30] Razer Gaming Mouse Pad

Enjoy your game using this Extended Gaming Mouse Pad! 

Anti-skid. Comfort. Cool Design. 

Size (length*width*height): 30cm x 7cm x 7cm
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Price: RM19.90 RM17.00

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Size: L 70 x W 30 x H 0.3 cm

Color: Black (As shown in the pictures)

Material: Rubber and Smooth Fabric

1. Extra large mouse pad enough to accomodate both mouse and keyboard. 

2. Compatible for all mouse types. 

3. Rubber base with a strong adsoption force provides anti-skid function, prevent sliding or movement of mouse pad. 

4. Flat and smooth surface allows accurate control and optimum speed during gaming. 

5. Anti-fraying edge stitching ensures the mouse pad does not fray for a long time use. 

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